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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why Over-Delivering is the Cheapest Form of Marketing.

Nine out of ten marketing professionals will swear that the cheapest form of marketing is content marketing. I disagree. Although this avenue is a great way to engage potential customers (this subject is for an entirely different post) – it isn’t the most inexpensive. The cheapest form of marketing is client retention. Don’t overextend yourself or your team by expending all of your energy selling to potential customers and overlooking the ones who signed a contract. People do business with who they like and trust. Over-delivering will keep your existing clients happy and result in referrals, additional projects, and a lasting relationship.

Here are 3 actions you can do today to over-deliver, thereby simplifying your marketing life:

1.    Call for no reason. Check in on your clients when there isn’t a looming deadline or a project-related question. Call to inquire if he needs assistance with a task unrelated to your contract. Call to ask him out to coffee. Call for any reason other than an existing project.
2.    Share industry news: Set up a Google Alert with your client’s industry key words. Relevant articles will come directly to your inbox. Once you’ve received them - scan, filter and send appropriate leads or tidbits to your client.
3.    Share publicity: Write about your client’s business in your blogs and articles. Use them as case study examples. Mention them in your social media feeds. Quote them if you’re being interviewed by a publication. Everyone appreciates free press and this is a great way to show your client extra value.

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