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Monday, January 12, 2009

Engaging Consumer's 'Online' Lives

Thinkbig Media recently partnered with a new client, EcoMobile. EcoMobile is an economically attractive alternative wireless service that sells refurbished cell phones. Recently, our team has immersed themselves into the project working with our client designing the logo, taglines, corporate identity package, social networking site, POS packaging and strategic public relations campaign.

This particular product calls for a strategic branding and lifestyle marketing campaign. Not just print and radio advertising, but highly-interactive marketing initiatives focused on engaging customers through the product itself.

EcoMobile will have a social networking site that encourages consumers to experience and take an active part in the brand and it's life cycle. Consumers will immediately go beyond just reading, clicking on a banner or hearing a message.

A lifestyle marketing campaign will prove to be most effective for EcoMobile because its brand personality will likely sway consumer opinion or reinforce the message through customer feedback. It will provide an opportunity for users to obtain information while exchanging it. EcoMobile's social networking site will include tips on how to go green, relevant press and customer feedback.

Best of all, social networking and a variety of lifestyle marketing initiatives are most tempting in difficult economic times because they are cost effective due to their focus on website and social networking initiatives. Stay tuned for updates on both EcoMobile and its lifestyle marketing components as we move forward.

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