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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rainbows, Ponies and Sparkles

Today, I came across an article in Ad Age about a new website designed for recently unemployed advertising professionals called

Although still employed, I'm interested in how professionals cope with the downward spiraling media landscape: newspaper revenues; slashing marketing budgets, and agencies letting go of top tier talent - with no other option.

After reading through the blog I was inspired and realized that today’s economy gives everyone a pivotal opportunity to accelerate their own creativity and growth. In other words, really invest in themselves.

As I mentioned before, I always wanted to write a marketing blog, but only started with a little kick in the butt from the economy. I needed (and wanted) to brand myself in an effort to garner freelance work, take on new clients at
Thinkbig Media and garner credibility as a writer. So now, instead of surviving the economy, I’m looking at the current situation as a time to really thrive based on knowledge, creativity and an overall ambition to reinvent myself.

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