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Friday, March 20, 2009

Show Me the Bling

Life is easier when you love what you do. Life is easier as a marketing professional when you get to promote a product you love. I recently took on a new client - Blingity Bling - an innovative style-driven business which offers fashionistas of all ages custom crystallized creations. Flip flops, tanks, Ugg boots, cell phones, iPods and wine openers - these funky couture creations are donned with Swarvorski crystals of all colors and will add serious 'bling' to any ensemble. Who doesn't love a little flash during dull times?
The New York Times recently stated that pink is the shopper's color of comfort in times of trouble. But what about a little bling without the exorbitant costs? These days, it's tough to find fresh ways to spice up your look without breaking the bank. Chic and of-the-moment, Blingity Bling's collections make head's turn as they transform last summer's flip flops into this summer's POW piece. For the girl that has everything, these creations are perfect for Mother's Day gifts, birthday gifts and summer pool parties.

1 comment:

  1. i'll be expecting some bling for my Uggs on my next birthday :)