Friday, April 2, 2010

15 Minute Breaks

I recently read an article that debated whether microblogging such as Facebook and Twitter results in decreased productivity within the workplace. The author argues that the human brain needs breaks from projects as a means to be creative and generate new ideas. Creative intelligence is more of a habit than it is a single moment used for a particular project. Facebook, Twitter, and blogging all offer free sparks of creativity that may help create the next big idea. Instead of employees taking breaks to get out of the office many get online and read tweets, blogs, or posts from friends. Innumerable posts are about food, moods, and kids, but many are about relevant or timely articles or news stories and are broken down into bite size news bits perfect for a 15 minute break. It seems that microblogging and social networking actually can make the workplace more productive and creative rather than stale and static.

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