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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Show hiring managers the brand essence

I recently read a blog posting by marketing guru, Seth Godin who said that brands aren't born by an organization - you can't invent a brand essence or hire someone who can develop it. Instead, the essence IS the brand. If you have to search for the essence in a brand then it probably doesn't have one, and will drown among its competition. The personality and charisma of the brand is the essence. The element about the brand that stands out and makes it different from the competition is what will sell the product.

This is an important notion for professionals seeking jobs. Of course, relevant experience and education are crucial, but these days a professional needs more than that to sell herself or her brand essence. The competition out there is fierce (trust me, I know) and it's crucial to immediately offer what it is that you're doing differently. Make hiring managers take notice. What is your unique selling proposition and how will it support the business?

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